Francis Smerecki, France coach: "What was important today was to find the way to recover after the Colombia game, and the players did it to their credit. They showed application, they showed they were strong at holding the ball and strong physically. We were obviously concerned when the Koreans equalised, because when a team lost so badly like we did against Colombia, it’s not easy to recover and you’re still a bit dizzy. Don’t forget these are young players, albeit experienced. We needed a deflection to score the second, but even so I think we were more consistent and the better team."

Lee Kwang Jong, Korea Republic coach: "The players didn't manage to score [more than once] from all the chances they had. That's the reason for our defeat. Also, in the second half, my players had the territorial advantage but lost their focus. And then after the second goal, they were down. For the next game we obviously have to be much better, and to do that we have to analyse our performance and our opponents in a better way. To qualify, we need a draw or a victory. But it’s against Colombia, the hosts and a very competitive team. We’ll do everything to win."