Ever Almeida, Guatemala coach
It’s a pity to lose with a penalty in the beginning, it wasn’t what we expected. And we leave with a strange feeling, because we conceded a lot of goals in two very difficult matches. But, today, we were applauded when we lost and it was fair. We showed good football, that we deserved to be here and that we have good potential. I really don't think we deserved to lose. In the end, it was not even a matter of levelling the match, but not losing, because we played well. We are very happy with the way the supporters motivated us, but we want to come back one day and receive the same applause for even more, for a great victory for example.

Ilidio Vale, Portugal coach
We have mixed feelings. We are happy to go through, but unhappy with the way we played. We made more mistakes than we were expecting. We had the responsibility to go into attack, but, mainly in the second half, my players weren’t following my instructions. And I also think that my players weren’t humble enough. On the other hand, I don’t think Guatemala played a good match or did enough to win against us. They were only crossing the ball and that’s it. But I respect the way they play, as I respect Argentina. We fear no one and we are ready to keep playing and going through. But we definitely have to improve, correct some errors and be more competitive.