Nigeria coach John Obuh
The game was difficult for my players and we did not play as an attacking team. I expected them to play in an organised way but they were trying to attack without any real danger. The only thing that worked for us was the goal, which was enough to go through. Our opponent played a defensive game and they were launching counter attacks. We caused problems for ourselves, and for the next game we must correct the mistakes that we made.

England coach Brian Eastick
It was a close game and there was not much difference between the two teams. Of the four matches that we played in the competition, this was probably our best match as we had a good performance but we couldn’t score. We had three or four chances in the second half that should have given us the game, but unfortunately we couldn’t take them. That's football, if you don't score you can't win the game. But if you say who created the best chances, and who was the best side in the game, then it would be England.