Korea DPR coach An Ye-Gun
"Without a doubt, it was a very tough match for both sides, not just in the way it was played, but because neither team is really used to this kind of altitude, something which doesn’t let us fully develop our own game. The picture is pretty clear for us now: we need three more points to have any chance of qualifying, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on in training ahead of the Congo match."

Netherlands coach Albert Stuivenberg
"I thought that again we were the better team, but that doesn’t always equate to a victory. That old rule came back to bite us – if you don’t put away your chances, your opposition will. Once more, we were the ones that fell behind, but luckily the efforts my players put in were finally rewarded, and at least we secured a draw in the end. I know in my heart that we’re a good team, but I’m also aware that we should have more points than we do."