Uruguay coach Fabian Coito
“This was a tough game for us. The Canadians are a good team and we prepared very hard for this game today. The second half was the big difference for us; we found our way to goal and I think we deserved the win. Rwanda will be another tough game for us, as they will be desperate to get their first three points. You can’t overlook anyone at this level, so we will have to struggle again to get the win. We fought as a team today and played the way we know how to, and for that we are a happy group.”

Canada coach Sean Fleming
“I don’t think the score reflected how well we played in this game. I am very proud of the way my team stuck to the task and kept trying to go forward. We created some good chances and kept the ball very well in the first half. Unfortunately we were unable to take our chances, and in football you are often punished when you don’t take your chances. We need to get our heads up right now and look ahead to our next game against England.