Brazil coach Emerson Avila
"First of all, my congratulations to Jan. His team played a great game, though I wasn’t surprised they gave us problems because we watched their first match and we knew what Australia were capable of. It wasn’t a great performance from Brazil. It wasn’t brilliant, but we still managed to get a goal. Sometimes it’s better just to win than play great football and not get the three points."

Australia coach Jan Versleijen
"I think we prepared well for the Brazil game, but we were under pressure because they’ve got some fantastic players who can move the ball around, play one-twos and set the tempo with their possession game. They’re very dangerous on the counter too. I was very happy with the way we were playing up until the free-kick, and we had a few chances in the first half but couldn’t finish them. Overall, though, I was happy with the way the players executed our game plan. Brazil are a superb side and very difficult to beat."