Jamaica coach Wendell Downswell
“We played well in the first half, and we almost got ourselves a goal. Unfortunately, we couldn’t match that level of performance in the second half. The heat couldn’t be the reason for our defeat as it is the same for both teams. This match isn’t the end for us; we still have a chance to reach the second round. I hope we’ll win against Argentina, and I believe we can do it. It won’t be easy, but we have faith.”

Japan coach Hirofumi Yoshitake
“First of all, I think we were lucky today. Jamaica hit the post in the first half and it was very hard to beat them. My team defended very well, and I think that is the key of this match. It's true that I changed my system because things weren’t working well. I believe we can beat France, but we have to improve our football, especially our work with the ball and our positioning.”