Japan coach Hirofumi Yoshitake
"If we were to play ten games against Argentina, the chances are they would win most of them, but today things just worked out for us. We knew that a draw would be enough for us, and we wouldn’t have been upset if that’s what we’d ended up with, although my players still really wanted to win. We’re pretty satisfied to have qualified, but not with the way we played; we were guilty of too many mistakes that could cost us dearly later in the tournament. I hope we were able to bring some joy to the people of Japan, who provided us with an invisible boost today."

Argentina coach Oscar Garre
"We were familiar with Japan’s style of play because we played them six months ago, but in football things don’t always work out the way you expect. We lost to a good team, and without making excuses, we got punished for three or four schoolboy errors. The message that my lads need to take away from this experience is that you don’t win simply because you’re wearing a certain jersey or play for a team with a great history, because these days there are just no easy games at a global level. We know that we’ve now got to rely on other results, and if we’re lucky enough to go through, this match will serve as a valuable lesson to us."