Japan coach Hirofumi Yoshitake
"Looking at the match as a whole, I thought we deserved to win. We played well today against an excellent French side with a nice passing style. In the first half, we had a lot of possession without creating that many chances, so I changed things around a little up front, and it paid off. I’ve got great confidence in my players, and I think that they’re more than capable of securing themselves a place in the next round against Argentina. But we’re not going to go getting ahead of ourselves just yet either, because Argentina are still a great team."

France coach Patrick Gonfalone
"It was tough going out there, because Japan are a really good side. The heat definitely played a role in the game – we had trouble simply running after the ball at times. It’s always tricky to get past the group stage in a tournament like this one. There are always lots of top teams, with different styles of football. You might say that Japan’s game is more suited to playing in Mexico at this time of year. Today, we couldn’t keep up, our forwards didn’t make good use of the service they got, and we didn’t pick up enough loose balls. There not much else to say, really."