Korea DPR coach An Ye Gun
“Between the two teams I think we put in a good showing. Today our problem was not technical or physical, we simply did not finish many clear chances, which cost us the victory. At the conclusion of our participation here at the World Cup, it is apparent that there is quite a difference between the Asian level and the level here in Mexico. The fact that we could not hold onto the lead in our matches shows that. Looking into the future, we will need to work better on the tactical, technical and physical aspect of our game."

Congo coach Eddie Hudansky

“It was a very difficult match between two teams with very different styles. Korea DPR is a good team with disciplined players. I am happy to qualify for the last 16 and for the way we played the second half, when I saw a return of the team that played so well in the African Championship. We are lucky to stay in Morelia because the people here love us. We need to rest and as soon as we know who we will face, start to prepare for that match. This is a great reward for a hard-working team, and we want to celebrate it."