Mexico coach Raul Gutierrez
"I think that my team did what was necessary to get the points tonight and they had the right fighting spirit. I have congratulated these young boys on doing such an excellent job. In my carrer I have learned that football is about scoring goals, and we did that today. This was a typical U-17 match, where both teams made mistakes, but we had the spark. 'El Volcan' (Estadio Universitario) is always a good place to play, and we want to say thank you to everyone for their support."

Netherlands coach Albert Stuivenberg
"I think we played a fantastic game today. We had so many chances, but we unfortunately missed them and it’s our fault. In the second half we missed nine opportunities. After missing the penalty, we played very well, but we could not finish with the goal we needed. It just was not our tournament - we were very unlucky. This match is representative of our whole campaign here in Mexico. Of course we are unhappy and disappointed to go back at home, because we deserved to stay in this tournament. We have to be proud of what we did today against the hosts."