Burkina Faso assistant coach Serafin Dargany
"We didn’t think we’d end up going out of the competition without winning a point or scoring a goal. Like every team that qualified we came here with our minds on reaching the last 16 and fighting for the trophy. Nevertheless, we realised in our first game that we were lacking something, and two of our best players had to pull out of the squad before we even came to Mexico. The first 45 minutes today were the best we’ve played all tournament. We know where we’ve gone wrong and we have to work harder before we go into a tournament. That is the lesson we’ve learned."

Ecuador coach Javier Rodriguez
"I’d like to thank God for the opportunity to come this far and compete with these boys here in a World Cup. It doesn’t get any better than that. Our opponents played very well. They deserved to score but couldn’t, and that’s football. We had more possession and showed more character in the second half, and we had more desire to beat Burkina Faso. Now that the game’s over we can relax a little, and not think too much about our next opponents."