Congo coach Eddie Hudanski
“Having won the first match is important to take the pressure off. We knew how difficult it was going to be playing against the European champions, and that we could not go into their rhythm. The plan was wait and then attack, and the strategy worked. This is Congo’s first win in a World Cup, so I think everybody should be happy there. Mexico? We respect everybody, but fear no one. We came here to do a job and we hope to accomplish it." 

Netherlands coach Albert Stuivenberg
“It was not a good game, we can play much better and we also were not lucky. Until the goal we gave away, we had no problems and neither had we given them any spaces and we even had two very good chances right before that counter-attack. After that goal it was difficult for us to regain our strength, and even though we gave everything at the end, it was not enough. We should not have lost this match."