Congo coach Eddie Hudanski
"I want to congratulate Uruguay, and I hope they go on to win the tournament so we can say that we lost to the world champion. We played a good match today and we were only beaten when we decided to settle for penalty kicks. I don’t think my red card had a negative effect on my players, but rather it was the other way around. Did you see the way they played after I was sent off? I should do it more often! We showed here in Mexico that players from Congo can play good football. We also learned a lot tactically and we will take those lessons home with us and be stronger next time."

Uruguay coach Fabian Coito
"We knew what was in store for us tonight. We met a good team with good players and a great counter-attack. Our tactic was to cut their forwards off from the rest of the team and isolate them so that they only had a few chances. We were not lucky to win as we created at least five good chances to score. I have not yet studied our next opponent Uzbekistan, but that is our next order of business, to figure out how to hurt them.”