England coach John Peacock
“We are thrilled with the result and the fact that we are moving on to the next round. We controlled large parts of the game and I think that we deserved to win. We will focus on our next opponent now, who is Germany. We always seem to meet Germany in these kinds of competitions and we lost to them in 2007, so I hope this time it can be different.  We have yet to see the Germans play, but we will begin our preparations straight away. England-Germany games are always very close and tight games. We will be ready as these games are always classics.”

Argentina coach Oscar Garre
“Of course it’s painful to lose like this and my players are in tears in the locker room. We were not at the level that we needed to be to take part in this tournament. We now have to work to fix the mistakes we made. These players are very young, but they left everything out on the pitch. The field was in bad shape for both teams, so we are not going to use that as an excuse.”