Uruguay coach Fabian Coito
"It’s a little early to go into any in-depth analysis of the game, but we played very well indeed. We managed to contain the Uzbeks’ speedy attacks, as well as their individual skills. As for us, we had some great performances today. We’re delighted to make it into the last four. It just confirms how healthy Uruguayan football is at the moment. Japan and Brazil both look very dangerous; the semi-final promises to be a great match. No matter who we end up playing, I believe we’ve got the ability to beat them."

Uzbekistan coach Aleksey Evstafeev
"I’m happy with my players, who gave everything they had. But obviously, I’m extremely disappointed by the result. I’d like to congratulate Uruguay, though. While both teams created a whole host of chances, the Uruguayans finished two of them, and we didn’t. It was a fair result in the end. Our problem seemed to be a mental one – it’s possible that my players had put too much pressure on themselves. Before we head home, I’d like to thank FIFA, the Local Organising Committee and finally Mexico, for its great hospitality."