France coach Patrick Gonfalone
“We suffered when we lost Abdallah Yaisien to an injury, and we also had a lot of trouble in front of goal tonight. But Mexico are a very good team and I have to give them full congratulations for what they did on the night. They play the game very well as a team and have two very good forwards who make things hard on you. We played all tournament long with a real pride in the shirt and this is something I am very pleased about. It’s difficult to say which, if any, of these players will move on to the senior team, but I think some of them have the talent.”

Mexico coach Raul Gutierrez

“We had to adjust some small details tonight because France is a very good team. They surprised us with their speed and strength. They didn’t slow down in the last 15 minutes and they made it very tough for us the whole night long. We played well overall tonight, and to win a quarter-final of a World Cup is an emotional event. We are thrilled. My team likes to be challenged and Germany will be a big challenge for us in the semi-finals. We will do what we need to do to be ready and we are positive that we can go to the final if we do things right. Now we change venues and move to Torreon and we will be well supported there like we were here in Pachuca and everywhere else.”