Mexico coach Raul Gutierrez
“This is an amazing feeling and one of my absolute greatest sporting moments here in Mexico. We have a strong group of players in this young Mexican team. They behave well off the pitch and play with great spirit and technique when the whistle blows. They did absolutely everything I asked of them through the whole tournament and I couldn’t be more proud of them. We had a very tough semi-final game and we came through it to reach the final. We felt no pressure today, but we felt the love of the fans and it helped us to play the ball on the ground and play the kind of football that we like. I love this job and I love this team. This is a great day.”

Uruguay coach Fabian Coito
“We lost an important player early in the game [Rodrigo Aguirre], and this was on top of our already injured striker Juan Cruz Mascia. In the second half we had fewer options and we also had to change our tactics to deal with the fact that Mexico scored a goal. We needed to attack a bit more and it left us open. We’ve had some great moments here in this tournament and as you can see Uruguay is having a very good time across all the age groups of our national program. I don’t know if I would call it a renaissance for Uruguay, but it is definitely a good time for our football. We feel sad tonight, and this is natural, but we will look back on this tournament with a sense of satisfaction and achievement.”