As the name implies, Gwangyang - literally 'the field of lights' - is the city of future and development. Located on the South-eastern corner of Jeollanamdo Province, and the centre of the south coast, Gwangyang is a gateway to the South Sea.

City of Gwangyang website:

With a population of 140,000, Gwanyang is a place of industrial importance. In the 1970s, an oil refinery complex was built in nearby Yeosu, before the construction of Gwangyang Steelworks actualised over the next decade. An artificial island was reclaimed from the sea to build the biggest steelworks in the world, and mission impossible was accomplished in 1992. More than five percent of the population work at this world-class facility that produces some 15 million tons of steel every year.

Gwangyang Harbour is also developing into a regional hub of international trade. The first piers for containerships were built in 1997, and the harbour is still under expansion to hold 33 ships by 2011.