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Squad List

Nr.NameDate of BirthPositionClubsHeight
1Rylee FOSTER13/08/1998GKWoodbridge SC (CAN) 178
2Sura YEKKA04/01/1997DFBrams United SC (CAN) 165
3Rachel JONES18/02/1997DFVancouver Whitecaps FC (CAN) 171
4Karima LEMIRE19/10/1998MFAS Varennes (CAN) 171
5Easther MAYI KITH28/03/1997DFAS Laser de Joliette (CAN) 170
6Bianca ST GEORGES28/07/1997DFAS Laser de Joliette (CAN) 167
7Marie LEVASSEUR18/05/1997MFCS Haute-Saint-Charles (CAN) 172
8Jessie FLEMING11/03/1998MFLondon Nor'West SC (CAN) 164
9Nadya GILL26/09/1998FWVaughan SC (CAN) 158
10Sarah KINZNER28/08/1997MFCalgary Foothills SC (CAN) 175
11Marie Mychele METIVIER01/08/1997FWAS Armada Chaudiere-Est (CAN) 160
12Simmrin DHALIWAL10/02/1997DFVancouver Whitecaps FC (CAN) 168
13Avery LAKEMAN16/03/1998MFEdmonton Drillers (CAN) 163
14Sarah STRATIGAKIS07/03/1999MFWoodbridge SC (CAN) 160
15Emily BORGMANN30/12/1997FWBurlington SC (CAN) 170
16Anyssa IBRAHIM08/02/1999FWSoccer Terrebonne (CAN) 167
17Gabrielle CARLE12/10/1998FWAS Armada Chaudiere-Est (CAN) 168
18Devon KERR03/07/1997GKGlen Shields SC (CAN) 180
19Nahida BAALBAKI15/08/1999MFLakeshore SC (CAN) 157
20Mika RICHARDS04/04/1997DFBrams United SC (CAN) 169
21Lysianne PROULX17/04/1999GKCS Roussillon (CAN) 167
Coach: Beverly PRIESTMAN (ENG)