Teams - Distance covered

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Algeria Algeria30.00
Argentina Argentina50.00
Australia Australia30.00
Brazil Brazil50.00
Cameroon Cameroon30.00
Chile Chile40.00
Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire30.00
Denmark Denmark30.00
England England40.00
France France30.00
Germany Germany70.00
Ghana Ghana50.00
Greece Greece30.00
Honduras Honduras30.00
Italy Italy30.00
Japan Japan40.00
Korea DPR Korea DPR30.00
Korea Republic Korea Republic40.00
Mexico Mexico40.00
Netherlands Netherlands70.00
New Zealand New Zealand30.00
Nigeria Nigeria30.00
Paraguay Paraguay50.00
Portugal Portugal40.00
Serbia Serbia30.00
Slovakia Slovakia40.00
Slovenia Slovenia30.00
South Africa South Africa30.00
Spain Spain70.00
Switzerland Switzerland30.00
Uruguay Uruguay70.00
USA USA40.00

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