Teams - Top cards

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Netherlands Netherlands2210126116107
Chile Chile1310796884
Germany Germany1110758047
Uruguay Uruguay9119911077
Brazil Brazil711787625
Serbia Serbia810306143
Slovakia Slovakia1100686524
Ghana Ghana1100906075
Algeria Algeria420513033
Australia Australia702623633
Switzerland Switzerland801593833
Portugal Portugal801604814
Slovenia Slovenia900445033
Mexico Mexico900846354
USA USA900546294
Paraguay Paraguay900977995
Spain Spain8008113437
France France601534713
Honduras Honduras700524033
Japan Japan700709274
Argentina Argentina700657735
Nigeria Nigeria501453223
New Zealand New Zealand600613543
Denmark Denmark600552733
Korea Republic Korea Republic600575944
England England600514744
South Africa South Africa401433113
Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire500574223
Cameroon Cameroon500564123
Italy Italy500435843
Greece Greece500403533
Korea DPR Korea DPR200264313

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