Denmark-Japan: Quotes
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Takeshi Okada, Japan coach
Our team has a strength that others don't have. We are truly united. We wanted to demonstrate that football is a team sport. This was our first objective (to reach the second round) so I am relieved. The players kept going until the end without losing their focus. I am proud to be with such a great bunch of players.

Keisuke Honda, Japan midfielder and Budweiser Man of the Match
For Japan it's a big win. I'm glad we won but I am not satisfied. The next game is more important. I want to show the Japanese that nothing is impossible. Prior to the match, the coach said we shouldn't concentrate on the defence and that we should attack, That's what the coach told the players to boost our motivation. It was really effective and led to this wonderful result.

Morten Olsen, Denmark coach
The way the whole match progressed was decided on the two set pieces when they scored the two goals. We knew which two players were going to take the free-kicks. We prepared, but it didn't help. They took their chances, we didn't take ours and it became an uphill struggle for us. The way the whole match evolved was decided by the two free-kicks in the first half.

Thomas Kahlenberg, Denmark midfielder
We had our chances but just couldn't score the goals. And they had two super free-kicks. And we knew that we absolutely needed to win. But after we fell behind by two goals it was difficult.