Spain-Switzerland: Quotes
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Vicente del Bosque, Spain coach
There’s always a chance you can lose, and their football didn’t deserve such a big reward. We fought hard for the win but it wasn’t to be. I want to avenge this defeat and I’m up for the challenge, and that’s the way we all need to feel. This is no time for feeling sorry for ourselves and cursing our bad luck.  

Ottmar Hitzfeld, Switzerland coach
I’m well aware we made history. We’ve never beaten Spain before and I’ve always said there would be a first time. I could see they were getting nervous because they were the favourites, and we are absolutely thrilled with these three wholly unexpected three points. We really concentrated on the job and we closed down space in the midfield. But we still haven’t achieved anything yet and we have to improve if we want to beat Chile.

Gelson Fernandes, Switzerland midfielder and Budweiser Man of the Match
I think I had a good game. We were a little lucky but you’re always going to need a bit of good fortune if you want to beat Spain. It was a really demanding match for us and this is a very special moment. What we have to do now is to keep our feet on the ground.

Iker Casillas, Spain captain and goalkeeper
I think the way we play the game will bring us rewards. We’ve lost to Switzerland but Spain always get back up after a fall. The good thing is we’ve got it out of the way and we are convinced we can turn this around.

Blaise Nkufo, Switzerland forward
This is a great win for us. We didn’t expect to get much out of this game but we defended as a team and did it really well. It’s a fantastic result.

Xavi Hernandez, Spain midfielder
It’s tough to start a World Cup like this but it’s just one game and there’s still time to put things right. It’s still in our hands, and though we weren’t expecting this and the team’s down right now, we all know football’s about the little details.