Portugal-Korea DPR: Quotes
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Carlos Queiroz, Portugal coach
It was a great display with good goals and the right attitude. We needed a game like this, but we have to remember that we’ve not won anything yet. The most important thing is to secure qualification. We’d seen some North Korean matches, like the one against Brazil, and we felt that we should make a few changes. So we decided to put our faith in these players. We proved that all our players are ready to play their part.

Kim Jong Hun, Korea DPR coach
Our players did all they could, but we tactically collapsed and, all of a sudden, we were no longer able to stop the Portuguese. As head coach of the team, I feel like this is my fault, as I wasn’t able to pass the proper strategy on to the players. The Portuguese simply became more and more aggressive as the match went on and after we conceded the first goal we lost the balance between our defence and offense. Our players started to panic and we could no longer defend in the right way.

Hugo Almeida, Portugal striker
It was a perfect day. We’re celebrating the fact that we played a great game. This victory, as well as making us happy, also gives us a confidence boost ahead of the Brazil game. It meant a lot to me to score my first goal at a World Cup; it’s a fantastic feeling. We knew that North Korea were difficult opponents and strong at the back, as they showed against Brazil, but we were able to overcome those difficulties.

Simao, Portugal winger
Given that Brazil won (3-1 against Côte d’Ivoire), we knew how important this match was. It was a must-win game and we put in an excellent display. We scored a lot of goals and took an important step forward. Scoring in a World Cup is fantastic; it’s something I’ll never forget. Will I start the next game? I’m in the same boat as the other 22 players, trying to help us do as well as possible. Let’s see how we get on in the future. Our goal has always been to get through to the Round of 16 and we’re close now. The game against Brazil is an important one and nothing’s decided yet.

Jong Tae Se, Korea DPR forward
We did what we could to try and keep hold of the ball but the Portuguese were simply too good. That’s why we conceded so many goals. We did what we could to drive the team forward and we put in a good performance in the first half, though their first goal hit us hard. I’m sure that our next game against Côte d’Ivoire will be a well-balanced match between two teams in the lower half of the standings. We’ve still got a chance to pick up our first three points and that’s what we’ll we trying to do.

An Yong Hak, Korea DPR midfielder
Our tactical plan didn’t work for us today. We were too attack-minded and conceded a lot of goals. And once we started playing even more openly, we ended up letting the Portuguese score seven times. The rain didn’t affect us. Our problem was that we set our stall out to attack too much and that weakened us. We’ve now got time to prepare for our next match and try and give it our best shot.