64 matches, 171 goals, tight battles, drama, tears for some, joy for others: for more than a month, the World Cup in France was the centre of attention, and once again the competition proved that it is the world's foremost sporting event. As usual, only one team could end up with the winner's trophy, and this time it was the host country France that earned the prize, but that by no means implies that all the other 31 teams were losers. Members of the FIFA press team who were in France for the occasion present their personal views of the events.

France (Tournament winners)
Brazil (Runners-up)
Croatia (3rd place)
Netherlands (4)
Italy (5)

Argentina (6)
Germany (7)
Denmark (8)
England (9)
Yugoslavia (10)
Romania (11)

Nigeria (12)
Mexico (13)
Paraguay (14)
Norway (15)
Chile (16)
Spain (17)

Morocco (18)
Belgium (19)
Iran (20)
Colombia (21)
Jamaica (22)
Austria (23)

South Africa (24)
Cameroon (25)
Tunisia (26)
Scotland (27)
Saudia Arabia (28)
Bulgaria (29)

Korea Republic (30)
Japan (31)
United States (32)