Schelin: It’s becoming a dream
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Sweden forward Lotta Schelin scored her first goal at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011 in her side’s 3-1 win over Australia and admitted to that she should have scored before.

The UEFA Champions League winner had arguably her best game for the Blagult in Augsburg, helping her side book a semi-final match with Japan on Wednesday in Frankfurt.

Schelin was named as the player of the match for her efforts, but was quick to praise the efforts of her team-mates and her Australian opponents when interviewed after the final whistle. Lotta, how do you feel? Was that Sweden’s best performance so far?
Lotta Schelin:
I’m delighted. Reaching the semi-finals is a great achievement, so I’m really, really happy. It’s not a dream just yet but it’s becoming one. I’m not sure whether that’s our best game so far - obviously we played against USA in the last game and we did really well, so we’ve had a few good performances. Of course this is a bit special because it’s a quarter-final.

I have to celebrate tonight and tomorrow we’ll think about Japan.
Lotta Schelin, Sweden forward.

How do you think Australia played?
Australia didn’t give up, they’re a good team and they tried really hard. Of course when we were 2-0 and 3-1 up, we didn’t want to relax, we wanted to take control, but they kept on going. I think the third goal came at a very important time for us.

That must have been one of the easiest goals you’ve scored?
You have to be there and I was there and it was really nice to see the ball hit the back of the net. Finally, a goal on paper for me! I should have scored before, so it’s a weight off my mind. It’s always nice to score but the most important thing is that we’re through.

It’s Japan next. How do you feel about meeting them?
I know a bit about Japan – we’ve played them twice this year - but I haven’t started to think about that game yet. I have to celebrate tonight and tomorrow we’ll think about Japan. We were confident about reaching the semi-finals but we’ve been taking small steps, talking about every game as it comes along.