FIFA Women’s World Cup capturing German imaginations
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With two days to go until the opening game of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011™, FIFA’s flagship event for women appears to be capturing the imagination of the German public, with pre-tournament interest in the event at an all-time high. This is one of the key findings in research conducted by FIFA and the Local Organising Committee tasked with assessing public opinion in the host country surrounding the upcoming tournament.

Germany is a driving force in the global development of women’s football, with the number of girls playing the game on the rise and the German Bundesliga widely regarded as one of the best women’s football leagues in the world. This is reflected in the results of the research, with 31 per cent of Germans stating an interest in the women’s game, which thus ranks above other popular sports such as men’s handball (26 per cent) and tennis (16 per cent). The positive image of the women’s game in the German market can be seen as one reason for the increasing popularity. The sport is widely viewed as professional (62 per cent), fair (61 per cent) and modern (60 per cent).

It is clear, however, that the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ has the potential to reach an even wider target audience. 42 per cent of Germans claim to be either “very interested” or “interested” in the event – rising from 36 per cent this time last year. On an equally positive note, 86 per cent of those questioned in the nationwide study stated that they would watch at least one match, irrespective of whether they would ordinarily class themselves as women’s football fans.

“The research scores firmly support our positive feelings about this edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup,” said FIFA’s Head of Women’s Competitions, Tatjana Haenni. “The fact that almost nine in ten Germans claim to be interested in watching at least one game is phenomenal. I truly hope and believe that this tournament can have a great impact on the development of women’s football, not only in Germany but also very importantly on a global level.” 

The German women’s national team are also seen in a hugely positive light by the respondents. Just under three-quarters of those asked (74 per cent) believe that the team is a great ambassador for the country, a figure which rises to 94 per cent amongst women’s football fans. 71 per cent believe that the team possesses a great team spirit (93 per cent of women’s football fans), something that will be of key importance if the Germans want to repeat their success in the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ and defend their title.

And do the Germans believe that the team is capable of doing this? Yes! 86 per cent of those questioned believe that their national team will be crowned world champions at the final, which will be staged in Frankfurt on Sunday 17 July. 

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