Who is the greatest women's footballer of all time?
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With the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011™ in Germany just over seven months away, anticipation levels are already beginning to soar. The crème de la crème of the women's game, including such stars as Birgit Prinz, Kelly Smith, Marta and many more, are all gearing up to regale the fans with their elegant style and breathtaking technique.

Ask any number of Germans to name a women's footballer and almost all of them will reply "Birgit Prinz". The legendary German striker's consistently high-class performances, countless honours and various records have earned her fame and respect the world over. In England, meanwhile, the name Kelly Smith has become synonymous with the national side, for whom she has starred for almost a decade.

The often unfathomable skills of Brazilian forward Marta also have jaws dropping all over the globe. The 24-year-old has been named FIFA World Player for the last four years (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), and many experts still consider her to be the greatest women's footballer around.

Of course any serious discussion regarding Planet Football’s all-time top female players has to include the likes of Mia Hamm, Sun Wen, Doris Fitschen, Michelle Akers and Sissi. US star Hamm was one of the most prominent protagonists of her sport in the world during a stellar 17-year career which saw her make 275 international appearances as the USA dominated the 1990s.

Sun Wen is arguably the finest player China has ever produced. Her exceptional talent and explosive displays on the international stage make her one of the first entries on any world's greatest list. Wen's achievements were given special recognition in 2002 when she was voted FIFA Women's Player of the Century, an award she shared with Michelle Akers of the USA.

Which player is your favourite? Who is the greatest of them all? Perhaps German goalkeeper Nadine Angerer, who did not concede a single goal throughout the entire 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup. Or maybe her predecessor Silke Rottenberg? FIFA.com wants to hear your views on this week's 'Have Your Say' question:

Who is the greatest women's footballer of all time?

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