users tip Germany

In the 16-year history of the FIFA Women's World Cup, no country has ever managed to defend its title. users think that this is all about to change, however, with a majority voting for Germany to repeat their 2003 triumph at the FIFA Women's World Cup China 2007.

Fully 30.94 per cent said that Silvia Neid's team were favourites to win the most prestigious trophy that women's football has to offer. The Germans placed first in the poll, ahead of USA, who garnered some 25.90 per cent of the vote. The Brazilians were just behind with 24.92 per cent, while hosts China PR were tipped by just 5.29 per cent of users. Only 1.83 per cent of users thought that another team outside of this big four would lift the trophy.

What is particularly interesting is that the four separate language channels, namely English, Spanish, French and German, threw up three different winners, with USA and Germany naturally coming top in their own languages. Of Spanish readers, many of whom come from South America, some 43.35 per cent voted for Brazil to win the title, although the French did opt for old rivals Germany.

Will it be Prinz, Wambach or Marta?
German striker Birgit Prinz has already warned the competition that the holders will be looking to step up their performance during the knock-out rounds, and the 29-year-old's compatriots certainly took this message to heart. The German language channel saw a phenomenal 81.36 per cent of users vote for Germany to win the Final on 30 September in Shanghai, along with another 40.75 per cent from its French equivalent.

For Abby Wambach and her US team-mates, deposing Prinz from her throne will be no mean feat, but with confidence and team spirit currently running high, the Americans could well be in line for their third success in five tournaments. At least this is the view of the 30.21 per cent of English-speaking readers who are convinced that USA will win. Perhaps surprisingly, French-speaking users voted in greater numbers for the Brazilians (23.86 per cent) than for USA (17.59 per cent).

One thing is clear among this barrage of statistics: the FIFA Women's World Cup is still wide open, with Germany, USA, Brazil, hosts China and a number of outsiders very much in the running.

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