With two rounds of matches played, it is time for some of the teams at this FIFA Women's World Cup to get their calculators out. Here FIFA.com explains how qualifying works and takes you through the various scenarios ahead of the deciding games in Groups B to D.

To work out the various permutations, you need the rules of the tournament which can be found on the right of this page under 'More links'. This explains how the group standings are calculated, based on the following criteria:

a) Number of points at the end of the group matches
b) Goal difference at the end of the group matches
c) Number of goals scored in all group matches

If two or more teams are level after all three criteria are taken into account, the positions are worked out based on the following:

d) Number of points from the head-to-head matches between teams level on points after the group matches
e) Goal difference from the head-to-head matches between teams level on points after the group matches
f) Number of goals scored in the head-to-head matches between the teams level on points after the group matches
g) Fair Play ranking based on the number of yellow and red cards
h) Drawing of lots by the FIFA Organising Committee

That is the theory, now let's put it into practice as we take a closer look at the four groups.

Group C - How things stand:
Australia: 4 points, +3
Norway: 4 points, +1
Canada: 3 points, +3
Ghana: 0 points, -7

Ghana are already out of the running in Group C, with the three others teams all hoping to make the quarter-finals. Leaders Australia play Canada while Norway face Ghana. The Australians and Norwegians have four points each and are favourites to go through to the last eight, with a draw being enough to see them progress. Canada need to win, unless Norway were to lose to Ghana, in which case a draw would enable them to qualify as they would have a better goal difference.

Group D - How things stand:
1. Brazil: 6 points, +9
2. Denmark: 3 points, +1
3. China PR: 3 points, -3
4. New Zealand: 0 points, -7

In Group D, Brazil are as good as through already even if mathematically, Denmark - their next opponents - and China PR, who face New Zealand, could still catch them. Those two teams, however, are basically fighting it out for the remaining quarter-final spot. Even New Zealand still have a slight hope, but they would need a footballing miracle. For China to qualify, they have to either better Denmark's result or in the event of both sides winning, achieve a victory margin five goals better than the Danes'.