Hosts told to enjoy challenge

China PR coach Marika Domanski-Lyfors faced the media on Saturday for the first time since the tournament hosts set up camp at their hotel in Wuhan. The Swede underlined her hope that the China team would "go out and enjoy their football" despite the evident pressure on their shoulders. was on hand to record her thoughts, together with those of captain Pu Wei and forward Han Duan.

China PR head coach Marika Domanski-Lyfors

On becoming head coach
In the last few years, the team have looked out of sorts and lost a few of their matches. Nevertheless, this squad has great potential and what impresses me most about the players is their courage. So, when I was offered the position of head coach, I had absolutely no hesitation in accepting.

On China PR's group opponents
Denmark and Brazil are both strong teams, but we'll be fighting hard to qualify from the group. The Women's World Cup is a tremendous challenge for us, but we began our preparations four months ago. I have a lot of experience in this tournament, so I know what it's all about. From our recent training sessions I can see that in terms of our technique, physical qualities, belief and fighting spirit, we've come a long way. We can't wait for the opening match against Denmark.

On the team
To a large extent, the team's performance in training provides a clear indication of how well we'll perform during matches. Therefore, I hope the players approach each and every training session as they would a match, and give their all to help us get a result.

On the tournament build-up
I'm an experienced coach, and I know that before any big tournament, it's vital for the players to save their strength. So, although we don't have long to go before our first match, I've given the players a break from training.

On the game plan
We'll be doing all we can to ensure the players know their opponents inside out. However, I prefer that we concentrate more on our own style of play, so that we can iron out our weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

On the training regime
I was in charge of the Swedish national team for almost ten years, so I know what preparing for major tournaments involves. We've spent a long time getting ourselves ready for this competition, whereas Denmark and Brazil have only just arrived in China. As a result, they'll be putting in extra training sessions. My job on the other hand is to make sure the players don't over-exert themselves, to make sure they're in top condition for the start of the tournament.

On relaxation
As the host team there's going to be pressure on us, so I'll be doing my best to keep the players relaxed. I want them to go out and enjoy their football. It's important that they make the most of every minute out on the pitch. This is the second time that the Women's World Cup is being held in China, so I hope this time round we can make the pressure work in our favour. We've been playing a lot of matches in China recently, in order to get ourselves accustomed to the playing surfaces and to get used to the feeling of playing at home.

China PR forward Han Duan

On the mood in the camp
We're feeling great right now, although there's a lot of pressure on us to go out and win.

On scoring goals
At this point I'm not really thinking about how many goals I can score. I'm just aiming to give my all out on the pitch and help my team-mates to win football matches.

China PR captain Pu Wei

On appearing in the finals for the third time
I'm really relaxed about it. I was still quite young when we played in the last World Cup, so my performances were fairly hit and miss. A few years have passed since then and I've gone from being one of the younger members of the squad to becoming team captain. It means I have to keep a cool head, in the hope that my approach will rub off on some of the younger players.