Though all eyes in  Wuhan  will be on the tense, eagerly-awaited Final Draw this weekend, the city is also serving up a real footballing treat on Saturday evening as the FIFA Women's World Cup hosts go up against a  FIFA Women's World Stars select .

Extra spice has been added to the encounter at Wuhan's Sports Centre Stadium - one of the five tournament venues - by the fact that it will witness  Marika Domanski-Lyfors  take a bow, although the newly-appointed Steel Roses' coach will look on from the sidelines as assitant Wang Haiming guides China through a challenge that could hardly be any more imposing.
FIFA's world dream team has, after all, been hand-picked from the game's top players, and it will be co-captained by veteran US midfielder  Kristine Lilly  and Norway's ever-dependable goalkeeper Bente Nordby, each of whom will pull on the armband for a half apiece.

The home team, meanwhile, will be skippered by experienced defender Li Jie, and both she and Nordby made it abundantly clear to that they are going into this match with a sole, shared objective: to win. What importance does this game hold?
Li Jie:
It will be a hard-fought and exciting match. We have been preparing for it now for a month and without question we want to showcase our progress in such a world-class international game.
Bente Nordby: It will be a nice match as it is always good to see and play with the best players from across the world.  

Have you ever played against each other?
Yes, I started to notice Bente when I was called into Chinese national team in 1997. What impresses me most is that she has maintained her best form for such a long period and competed at the top level for so many years.
Nordby: I have been to China a couple of times for the Four-Nation tournament and I think we met during these matches.  
Do you feel honored to be playing in this game?
Definitely. Not everyone can enjoy such a precious chance to show their best before the watching world. 
Nordby: Of course I do, particularly as I am the only player from Norway. It is great to be a member of the world stars team representing my country.
How do see the game going, and who do you expect to win?
It will be no easy game against a team that consists of the world's best players but we will play to our best to make sure it is evenly contested. We were disappointed in ourselves at the Algarve Cup recently, but the team have been working harder since then and we will prove that we are still a team capable of playing well against the best. It hard to predict the result, but I believe we can win.
Nordby: It will be a hard game from our perspective because we have just arrived and the host team usually prepare themselves better. Despite the difficulties, however, any footballer has only one goal: to win the match.
As two of the most experienced players on show, how will you go about captaining your teams?
I will do my own job well at centre-back, while I will try my best to encourage my team-mates to play bravely as well as intelligently.
Nordby: It doesn't make too much difference to me whether I'm the captain or not, because as the team's goalkeeper I will always try hard to accomplished my duties. 
Playing in the  FIFA Women's World Cup Stadium  and in front of the Chinese supporters, is this a good chance to get a taste of the atmosphere for September's tournament? Is there pressure attached the game?
For us, it is a good opportunity to play such a great match in Wuhan, as we are going to play the opening two matches during the Women's World Cup on the same pitch. The fans from Wuhan are also well known for rooting for women's football, and now it is time to repay their support.
Nordby: There is always pressure in football matches and this game will be no exception. But it is not a Women's World Cup finals game, so hopefully the Chinese fans will also cheer for us.
With just five months to go until the FIFA Women's World Cup, what goal have you set for the event?
It is every footballer's dream to play in a World Cup, let alone to play on home soil as hosts. I have but one hope for the team and myself: to do our utmost and show the best of ourselves.
Nordby: After Saturday's game I will go back to my club, Djurgarden Damfotboll, in Sweden. It is the beginning of the new season, so we are going to have a lot of matches, which are good to keep fit. I will train harder than ever to prepare for the Women's World Cup.