NZL-BRA Post-match quotes

John Herdman, New Zealand coach
We struggled in today's match but we gave it everything we had. Brazil are an excellent team. Even so, I'm really pleased that we were able to contain them for long spells. Although we didn't score, we still showed our fighting spirit. Ria Percival is one of two 17-year-old youngsters in our team and she should be really proud of her performance today, as she represents the future of the New Zealand team. Two years from now, I don't think we'll be conceding goals in the last ten minutes of matches. Today we took on one the best teams in the world and competed alongside players such as Marta, so we can be proud of our showing.

Jorge Barcellos, Brazil coach
It was quite an untidy start so I told the girls to push further forward, especially down the wings. We also made our strikers put their defenders under more pressure. In the first half Marta didn't perform well because the New Zealanders were marking her so tightly but in the second half she was much better, as we all saw, and got more involved in our attacks. Overall, she was outstanding. All of the strikers did well, though, and not just in terms of their long-range shooting, but also in the box. We have two days now to prepare for the China game, one day's rest and one day's training. It will be a tough match... they're also a powerful team.

Emma Humphries, New Zealand midfielder
I'm gutted because we didn't perform well at all and we weren't in the best shape. We gave it our best shot but we didn't link up very well. Brazil were superb but we're still disappointed to have lost to them.

Marta, Brazil midfielder
The win belongs to the whole team, it wasn't just down to my contribution. Now we're looking to push on for the next game.