CHN-DEN: Post-match quotes

Marika Domanski-Lyfors, China PR coach
We played really well in defence tonight, tactically the players did their jobs and we also dominated in midfield. We were quick on the break and were delighted to go 2-0 ahead. When we got pegged back to 2-2 the pressure was really on the players, but they were able to take their chances and we won it 3-2. Han Duan and Ma Xiaoxu were outstanding, in the first half they tracked back to defend and generally linked up very well, which is why Ma Xiaoxu was named Player of the Match.

Kenneth Heiner-Moller, Denmark coach
It really was a superb match. The fans were fantastic too, they never stopped cheering us on. China are a strong team, they have some really technically gifted individuals but we're still full of confidence. Brazil are favourites to qualify from this group but we'll be fighting hard too. I'm proud of my players; we matched them every step of the way.

Bi Yan, China PR midfielder
If there was anything we did wrong tonight, it was failing to pick up players when defending corners.

Han Duan, China PR forward
My understanding with Ma Xiaoxu is getting better with every match and I hope it'll keep improving. I couldn't be happier with the result because it was a must-win match. It was a real slog, but winning has really lifted us. It was a real blow when they equalised but we kept plugging away.

Ma Xiaoxu, China PR forward
I'm delighted with the outcome; in fact we're overjoyed! It was a really tough game. Denmark are strong so there was a lot of pressure on us, but we went all out and got the result. I'm not that impressed with my own performance tonight but everyone else played superbly.

Merete Pedersen, Denmark forward
In the second half we had plenty of chances but didn't take them. This has been a good experience for us. I'm devastated to have lost but it was a brilliant match. In the second half we faded a bit, but I had a great time out there tonight.

Stine Dimun, Denmark forward
I'm not satisfied with the result because it's a match no-one wanted to lose. The reason we lost is because didn't do quite enough, but we were still the best team on the pitch.