Kenneth Heiner-Moller, Denmark coach
We got the all-important three points. Just as we expected, New Zealand gave it everything they had. In the first half the pace of the game was too slow so I made some adjustments at half-time. After the break we picked up the pace, passed more long balls and got the victory. I hope China beat Brazil in the next match and that we also beat Brazil in our third and final game. So a win for China later tonight will be the best result.

Katrine Pedersen, Denmark defender and team captain
This was a fantastic match and a really important game. We really gave it our best shot. As for the second half, we were confident we could get the win. Even so, before the game we really had to do our homework and train exceptionally hard.

John Herdman, New Zealand head coach
The players actually performed fairly well, we did our level best to score. Particularly in the first half, the players were outstanding. We're not out of the reckoning yet, as theoretically New Zealand can still qualify. The home fans really got behind us in this game and we repaid their support and encouragement with all our hard work.

Ria Percival, New Zealand defender
We lost but we still have one more game left. We'll approach it with the same passion, the same never-say-die attitude that we've shown tonight and we'll do our utmost to ensure that we get the result we need.