BRA-CHN: Post-match quotes
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Jorge Barcellos, Brazil coach
This was one of those matches which are decided on the basis of individual errors, because both teams were very evenly matched. In the first half, China played well but didn't take their chances. We had less of the possession in the first half, but during the break we changed our tactics around and the players made their quality tell in the second half. China couldn't contain Marta with just one defender. This time I deployed two strikers up front and we scored four goals. Every team has their own strategy, but I don't think that's what makes the difference; what it ultimately comes down to is taking your chances in front of goal.

Marika Domanski-Lyfors, China PR coach
We really hoped we could win this match and in the first half we gave a good account of ourselves. However, in the second period we committed some glaring errors, especially in terms of goalkeeping. Tonight we looked very dangerous on a number of occasions but just lacked the finishing touch each time. Perhaps luck wasn't with us but even so, we lost to the better team, so our confidence isn't too badly dented. Now we have to find a game plan to exploit New Zealand's weaknesses and secure qualification from the group.

Marta, Brazil forward
I think this win was a team effort; it wasn't just down to my own performance. I've always believed that we'd be contenders for the title, but that doesn't mean I think I'm the best player. We're going to keep our heads held high and carry on fighting to the end. My aim isn't to win the Golden Ball. The most important thing is winning matches with my team. We believe we can win the title but there are still plenty of unknowns ahead of us.

Ma Xiaoxu, China PR forward
We prepared for this game even more thoroughly than we did for the opening match. In the first half we had two excellent chances but individually we weren't as strong as our opponents, so we couldn't convert them into goals. They dictated the pace of the game from start to finish and we were chasing shadows. The most important thing now is to get over it as quickly as possible and get on with our next match.