CHN-NZL: Post-match quotes

Marika Domanski-Lyfors, China PR coach
I feel proud of the way the players performed. At half-time I told them to stay calm because at that point Brazil and Denmark were drawing 0-0, so we were still very much in with a chance. Ma Xiaoxu is well suited to playing in left midfield as it suits her style of play but when we hadn't scored, I moved her up front to put their centre-backs under pressure. As for Han Duan, she is a class player and the fact that she hasn't scored in three matches has everything to do with pressure. It was also down to the pressure that the players began to tire in the second half. Our target is to qualify for the last four - we've reached the last eight, so we're well on the way now.

John Herdman, New Zealand coach
Even though China had 22 shots on goal, our defence stood up very well. Everyone could see that it was a one-sided game but we worked really hard to keep China at bay. Once China got their noses in front, though, the game tipped further in their favour and our heads dropped a bit. Our players are all young and we don't quite have the quality of a Han Duan or a Ma Xiaoxu, but our players' commitment, self-belief and fighting qualities were plain to see. Of course, we're somewhat disappointed that haven't managed to score at this year's World Cup. After all, we wanted to make our mark in the tournament, but we couldn't have tried harder than we did.

Xie Caixia, China PR midfielder
We weren't experienced enough before, so each time that we went behind the pressure got to us a bit. But the coach never stops encouraging us and is always reminding us that we can achieve anything. I think I really did achieve something today. If you keep a cool head and stay patient, the chances will definitely come. I'm thrilled to have scored my first ever goal at the World Cup.

Rebecca Smith, New Zealand defender
I'm so proud of our team. We played an extremely tough match and gave it everything we had. We've learned so much over the course of the last three matches. I hope that we can actually win a match at the next World Cup.