BRA-DEN: Post-match quotes

Jorge Barcellos, Brazil coach
Because we had a number of players on yellow cards going into this match, we had some changes to our team and in the beginning we found it very difficult. But we made some alterations at half-time that benefited our performance and, in the end, we deserved to win the game. Brazil came here to make history and the only issue for me today was our own qualification. As for whether we're favourites, I think every team left in the tournament is capable of winning the title.

Kenneth Heiner-Moller, Denmark coach
There have been a lot of great matches at this tournament and we have participated in two of them: the game tonight and our first match against China. Brazil are a great side but I'm very proud to be coach of the Danish national team right now because my players gave an excellent performance. We wanted to attack more but we could not leave too much space in behind our defence because the Brazilian players are so fast, so I'm quite sure our tactics were right.

Daniela, Brazil forward
In the beginning, we were so eager to win that we missed a lot of chances, but as the match went on we became more confident and finally were able to do what was needed to win. I was very happy to hear the Chinese fans singing for Brazil today and I am pleased that our result helped their team. Hopefully both nations can do well in this competition.

Mariann Gajhede, Denmark defender
It was a great performance, probably our best of the tournament. The atmosphere was great and even though the fans were supporting Brazil, I would like to thank them.