AUS-CAN: Post-match quotes
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Tom Sermanni, Australia coach
It was a very long 90 minutes. We had a horrible start, but for most of the first half we played very well. We stopped playing the way we usually play in the second half and when they scored late I thought the game was all over. My players showed a lot of character and resilience, though, and I was so pleased when that final goal fell in. The fans were wonderful today and I couldn't be more pleased about how they received us here in Chengdu. Brazil will be a very difficult game if we meet them. We're just thrilled to be here in our first quarter-finals, but we'll go into the next game with a lot of confidence as well.

Even Pellerud, Canada coach
Everyone agrees that this was a very dramatic game with two very even teams and four great goals. In the first half, we got a little too cautious after scoring early. We gave the Aussies too much possession in the first half and this proved to be a mistake as they improved as the game went on. In the second half, after the Aussies tied, we took full control and dominated them. I was pleased with the way we played in the second half. We hesitated on the ball deep into stoppage time and allowed them one last chance and they took full advantage of it.

Cheryl Salisbury, Australia captain
I've played forward a few times, I'm not locked in the back. I get pushed up at the end of games when we're losing pretty often. But this might be the only time the tactic actually worked! The ball was just sitting in front of me and everything went in slow motion when I slotted it in. it was an awesome feeling when the place erupted and I realised what had just happened. We couldn't even hear each other out there - the fans were so loud and lively the whole game long.

Erin McLeod, Canada goalkeeper
We gave everything we had tonight and came up just a little short. I had to come out of the game because after getting hit in the head, I couldn't focus my vision on the ball well enough to play on. Some of our players are getting older and this could well be their last World Cup. It's all a little sad just at the moment.