SWE-USA: Post-match quotes
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Greg Ryan, USA coach
I am so proud of my players. This game could have eliminated us and our big players stepped up today. Abby (Wambach) and Kristine Lilly were brilliant and we had a great performance from our goalkeeper after struggling a little in the first game. Our midfield stood strong tonight and this was the difference in the game. The people in Chengdu have been great to us and I feel right at home here, even though I can't eat the spicy Sichuan food! It's a bit sad to be leaving the city. There are a lot of great teams in this tournament, but I think we have everything we need to win this World Cup. But we have to be careful not to get ahead of ourselves.

Thomas Dennerby, Sweden coach
We showed a lot of spirit in the game today so we're not going to be too worried about things. My players did the best they could and we played well overall. The result is not great for us, but I think we were unfortunate to lose. The first goal was an unfortunate one to concede, but I will say it in the Swedish way: it's just a tough break. If you like football, you have to like a player like Abby Wambach - this is the truth and she made the difference in tonight's game.

Abby Wambach, USA forward
Kristine hit the ball up to me long on the second goal. It fell perfectly for me and all I had to do was bring it down and hit it. Forwards will always tell you they were trying to do just what they did. In this case I just tried to hit it as hard as I could and luckily it went in.

Hanna Ljungberg, Sweden forward
We were playing very well up until we conceded that first goal. After that it was difficult for us to get back into it, but we did our best and now we just have to look to our next game and hope things work out. Abby is a great player in the box. She has a real eye for goal and you have to watch her all the time.