GER-ARG: Post-match quotes
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Silvia Neid, Germany coach
We wanted the first match to be a confidence-booster and that's how it's worked out. Our central defenders concentrated hard, we were always looking to get forward, we used the full width of the pitch, we pulled the Argentina defence this way and that, and we've scored 11 goals, so I'm totally satisfied. I'm really pleased for Birgit Prinz, she's scored three goals and was named Player of the Match. Our rivals will have noticed that we're in good shape, but England will be much tougher opponents.

Jose Carlos Borrello, Argentina coach
I don't want to comment a great deal about tactics. We have to congratulate the German team on this overwhelming victory. Our players were very nervous about taking on such powerful opponents as Germany, the World Cup holders. It was a nightmare for our team. Our goalkeeper had a very unfortunate day and gave away two own goals. Obviously, my players are disappointed after such a heavy defeat, but they have plenty of character. We're not yet at 100 per cent, but I'm certain we'll see a very different Argentina in our next two matches.

Birgit Prinz, Germany forward
It was much more straightforward than we thought it would be, although it was made easy for us because they gave us so much room. The coaches did tell us that beforehand, but we didn't really want to believe it. Would I say we played to perfection? No, I wouldn't say that. OK, we scored more goals than we ever thought we would today, but we still made too many mistakes. Everything has to come together for perfection.

Melanie Behringer, Germany midfielder
Setting a new record is tremendous. It's something you'll always remember.

Eva Gonzalez, Argentina defender
We know Germany are one of the best teams in the world, but we didn't expect that much of a difference. First and foremost, they were physically stronger than us, and they scored the opening goal. We were still in it up to that point, but it was impossible after that. It's time to focus on our next match.