GER-PRK: Post-match quotes
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Silvia Neid, Germany coach
I'm very happy. In the first half, we were strong in defence and the whole game represented a great team effort. I must pay tribute to my players because they were mentally strong and scored goals at the right time - the first one just before half-time and the second just after North Korea had a big chance and were looking strong. North Korea were one of our favourites to win the title, so winning against such a team makes me a little more optimistic we can move forward in this tournament.

Kim Kwang-Min, Korea DPR coach
There were clearly significant physical differences between the teams and that made it very difficult for us. It's not a question of us being unlucky, I think it's just a reality that we are not as strong as the Germans. After we had the chance to equalise (through Ri Kum-Suk), the players' concentration dropped and we lost control of the game. But this has been a great experience for us. We came through a very tough group playing against USA, Sweden and Nigeria, and the players will be better for it.

Birgit Prinz, Germany striker
We definitely scored our goals at very significant stages of the game, particularly our second goal. The North Koreans came out very strong at the start of the second half but when Renate (Lingor) scored, I think we all knew for sure that it was us who were going to make it through.