Jorge Barcellos, Brazil coach
This match went very smoothly for us. After we went 2-0 up in the first half, the players relaxed a little and our opponents got back on level terms. We eventually managed to change our tactics just in time and got the win. I'm delighted with the whole team's performance. Australia only had four shots on goal, so their success rate is 50 per cent. They also counterattacked very quickly and were tough to break down. The USA are an outstanding team with plenty of skilful players. The only difference between our two teams is that we've had one day's less rest than they have, so we have to make sure the players recharge their batteries as quickly as possible.

Tom Sermanni, Australia coach
Even though Brazil were very strong, we had plenty of chances to win the game. In the first half our number five, Cheryl Salisbury, went off injured. She's our captain and at the heart of our defence, so that was a big blow for us. We've made great headway at this year's World Cup, we've brought a lot of youngsters along and the tournament has done wonders for their development. The players weren't afraid to get stuck in, especially against the strongest teams in the world, and we've played to our full potential.

Daniela, Brazil midfielder
We played very well and everyone worked so hard. The fans and our families got right behind us. We pushed ourselves to the limit in this match but we really enjoyed it. We'll have to work even harder in the next match against the USA but we're very confident. The USA are formidable opponents but we'll spare no effort against them. The teams from the Asian Football Confederation have performed well at this World Cup.

Lisa De Vanna, Australia forward
We're proud of ourselves, but we're also proud of Brazil, too. We showed just how much spirit there is in our team and, although we lost, we've already proved in our last few matches that we're a force to be reckoned with. Even though we held on to the ball well in midfield, we still lost the game and couldn't quite make it into the semi-finals.