GER–NOR: Post-match quotes
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Silvia Neid, Germany coach
I'm very proud of my team. Yet again, our defending was the key to our success. We allowed Norway hardly any chances. Overall, I would say it was another first-rate and solid team performance. We've made the final without conceding a single goal, which is absolutely fantastic. Actually, I don't think that's ever happened before at a Women's World Cup. We played with a great deal more confidence after the first goal, and the second goal came at exactly the right time for us. We knew we'd go on and win it after that. Tomorrow's game between Brazil and the USA will be very exciting. The USA are a lot like the Norwegians, but Brazil are very elegant. I'm going to enjoy watching tomorrow's second semi-final in a completely relaxed frame of mind, and then I'll begin preparing my team for the final.

Bjarne Berntsen, Norway coach
Obviously, I'm bitterly disappointed. We were very unlucky with the own goal in the first half. Looking back on the game, that turned out to be a big moment, it was the crucial turning point in the match. And just look at the third goal we conceded, it was all down to a terrible defensive mistake. You simply can't afford to make mistakes against Germany, because they'll punish you. We needed to be more confident on the ball against the Germans, but that's where it went wrong for us. We came here looking to win the tournament. Now we'll be hoping to come back in four years and celebrate the biggest triumph of the lot.

Birgit Prinz, Germany striker
We have a great feeling about ourselves as a team right now. The secret of our success is our belief in ourselves. That's unbelievably important.

Ariane Hingst, Germany defender
If we fail to defend the trophy now, we'll have only ourselves to blame. After our 3-0 win against Norway, our opponents in the final are bound to show us respect, but we mustn't start thinking we just have to turn up and win. I honestly don't care whether it's the USA or Brazil now.