USA-BRA: Post-match quotes
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Jorge Barcellos, Brazil coach
In football, nothing is impossible - that's what I'm always telling my players. For Brazil, this was a perfect win tonight and I congratulate my players not only for their performance but for their strong desire to win. You could see that desire in their aggressive play. For me, it is always more important to win the match than to play beautiful football. A result is down to several factors, so although we won 4-0, I would have been as happy had it been 1-0.

Greg Ryan, USA coach
First I want to congratulate Brazil, who played an absolutely fantastic game tonight. I also want to say that I am very proud of my own girls, who don't forget had gone 51 games unbeaten going into this match. Shannon Boxx getting sent off so early completely changed the game. Yes, Brazil looked great, but we had to chase them round the park for the whole second half with ten players. We made the adjustment to go 3-4-2, which was geared towards attacking but also towards keeping Brazil from getting more, but you can't reckon for a player like Marta.

Marta, Brazilforward
It was a very difficult game but we produced, I think, a perfect performance. We are creating history by making the final and that is not down to me, it is down to a great performance by our team. To be the best player in them all has always been my target, that is why I work so hard on and off the field. But without my team-mates I am nothing.

Kristine Lilly, USA forward
I'm very tired. Today we got an unfortunate result but you know that's football. Brazil are a very talented team, all with great individual skills, and it was tough to face them without the full 11 players.