Brazil-USA: Quotes

Pia Sundhage, USA coach
Brazil played a great match, but we were able to improve and get stronger as the minutes went by. I told my players that they should believe in their own ability and in themselves, that they should hold onto the ball in midfield and find the right tempo. They did just that and here we are. When I was a child I wasn't allowed to play football because I was a girl, and here I am today looking at this gold medal. I'm very proud and thrilled with this victory.

Jorge Barcellos, Brazil coach
Did we win a silver medal or did we lose out on a gold? There's no doubt we lost the gold, that's how it feels to us. My girls played a great match; they dominated proceedings and deserved better luck. But in football you have to take the chances you create and we didn't do that. The United States didn't do a great deal and played a long-ball game, but they scored the only goal and so the victory goes to them. This is a very sad moment.

Christie Rampone, USA player
This is the reward for the work put in by the entire team. We didn't start the tournament as well as we'd have liked, but we got better with every game. Today was the same: we didn't have a good start but we grew stronger as the match went on. We looked each other in the eye, we supported each other and we achieved a victory that makes us all very happy. This is the result of a group effort, and that's the best thing about it.