USA-Japan: Quotes

Pia Sundhage, USA coach
I don't think the win was comfortable. Japan played well, if you see how they kept possession of the ball, that could be a role model for women's football in the future. There were a lot of different personalities out there, that's why we won tonight. Angela Hucles is a fantastic story. She has been one of the most important players in the team. When Abby Wambach went off injured, she was the player who helped the team a lot.

Lori Chalupny, USA player
There is a good leadership in the team. This kept us focussed, we never became nervous and we believed that we were going to have a chance to come back. We use pressure as a motivation. We look forward to those pressure situations. It's my first Olympics and I wanted to get to the final match. It's an exciting place for us to be in. We are just having a blast out there.

Norio Sasaki, Japan coach
Our players lacked creativity. This kind of play is not very effective. When we were 2-1 down, I told the players to keep their own style. They needed to step up their efforts, be more aggressive to get the ball.

Hiromi Ikeda, Japan player
We had a fantastic start and scored the first goal. At that time, the Japanese team played with their own style. We made a few mistakes and the US team took advantage.