FIFA’s Technical Study Group (TSG) had no trouble choosing the Play of the Day on the final day at the FIFA World Youth Championship UAE 2003. Fernandinho’s bullet header from Daniel's expertly-struck corner was a fitting climax for a fine tournament and gave Brazil their fourth world youth crown.

Gabriel Calderon (ARG): “Fernandinho’s winner”

“The Play of the day in Abu Dhabi has to be Fernandinho’s winning goal for Brazil against Spain in what proved to be a carbon copy of the Seleçao’s semi-final winner – proving that the former was no mere fluke. Daniel sent in a superbly struck corner and Brazil’s number 19 met it magnificently, sending his header high into the roof of the net.

Let’s not focus on the final game, however, but rather remember the excellent football played by all the teams who came to the Emirates. All the games were of a high standard and we saw some fine young talent emerging. It would finally appear that the changes in the laws over the last few years have brought about a more spectacular brand of youth football.”

What is the TSG?:

When does a deflected shot become an own goal? At what point does a good pass become an assist? What are the objective facts that lead to the nomination of a "Man of the Match" at a FIFA World Cup™ match? Such questions are meat and drink to the TSG, or Technical Study Group, a prestigious phalanx of some of soccer's top technicians. Their mission: to dissect the most effective tactical plans and latest advances in the game in order to transmit them to the world.
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Members of the TSG in the UAE:

Abu Dhabi: Gabriel Calderon (ARG), Jean-Paul Brigger (FIFA), JurgNepfer (FIFA)
Dubaï: Chief A.O. Onigbinde (NGA), Kalil Al-Zayyani (KSA)
Al Ain: Horst Kriete (GER)
Sharjah: Alvin Corneal (TRI)