FIFA’s Technical Study Group (TSG) selected two contrasting highlights from semi-final day at the FIFA World Youth Championship UAE 2003. A perfectly executed glancing header by Dudu for Brazil’s winning goal and a glorious 20-pass move by Colombia were just two of the magical moments.

Gabriel Calderon (ARG): “Maturity beyond their years”

"The most memorable move of this game – an evenly-fought midfield struggle – was the one which led to the Brazilian goal. Daniel’s corner was inch perfect and Dudu’s delightful flicked header at the near post just too accurate for Gustavo Eberto and Pablo Zabaleta. Brazil ran out worthy winners in a game when both team’s showed a maturity far beyond their tender years!"

Chief Onigbinde (NGA): “The Spanish defence was cut to ribbons”

“The one that stuck out took place just before half-time. Colombia had beenkeeping the ball pretty well without really breaking down the final Spanishrearguard. In this particular move, they knocked the ball around from oneside of the pitch to the other. It must have been 20 passes without aSpanish player getting a touch. The move had been pretty slow but itsuddenly quickened with a one-two that cut the defence to ribbons. Thenumber 7 (Edixon Perea) was sent clear but a last-ditch block stopped whatwould have been one of the goals of the finals.”

What is the TSG?:

When does a deflected shot become an own goal? At what point does a good pass become an assist? What are the objective facts that lead to the nomination of a "Man of the Match" at a FIFA World Cup™ match? Such questions are meat and drink to the TSG, or Technical Study Group, a prestigious phalanx of some of soccer's top technicians. Their mission: to dissect the most effective tactical plans and latest advances in the game in order to transmit them to the world.
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Members of the TSG in UAE:

Abu Dhabi: Gabriel Calderon (ARG), Jean-Paul Brigger (FIFA), JurgNepfer (FIFA)
Dubaï: Chief A.O. Onigbinde (NGA), Kalil Al-Zayyani (KSA)
Al Ain: Horst Kriete (GER)
Sharjah: Alvin Corneal (TRI)